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Futodoki (不届き – Unscrupulous)

  • Futodoki


    There are several terms that mean something thoughtless, but today I’d like to introduce the term “futodoki” among them, that tends to be used by high-ranked people (this tendency is my opinion).

    “Fu” means a denial and “todoki” means to reach, so the literal meaning of futodoki is “not to reach something,” and formerly it was used in this meaning.

    Later, “principle” and “law” came to be applied as the object that you don’t reach, then futodoki has come to mean actions that counter to principles or laws.

    Recently, the meaning of futodoki has expanded further — it often means something outrageous, careless, or insensitive.

    Incidentally, a person who have such a character is called “futodoki mono” (不届き者).

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