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Kugi wo Sasu (釘を刺す Warning against Someone)

  • Kugi wo Sasu


    To give someone a warning in advance in order not to cause a problem later is referred to as 釘を刺す (kugi wo sasu) in Japanese.

    釘 (kugi) means “nail” and 刺す (sasu) means “to drive,” so the literal meaning of “kugi wo sasu” is “to drive a nail (into someone).”
    「釘」は “nail,” 「刺す」は “to drive” を意味するので、「釘を刺す」の文字どおりの意味は “to drive a nail (into someone)” となります。

    This expression comes from the construction method in Japan.

    In the past, Japanese people built buildings only by assembling timbers, but later we have come to drive nails to fix them for the sake of safety.

    Because of this, “kugi wo sasu” has come to mean to warn against someone for safety purposes.

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