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Shiri ni Hi ga Tsuku (尻に火がつく – Urgent)

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    Shiri ni Hi ga Tsuku


    When something is imminent and you are in a state of panic, it can be expressed as shiri ni hi ga tsuku (尻に火がつく) in Japanese.

    Since shiri (尻) means “buttocks,” hi (火) means “fire,” and tsuku (つく) means “on,” the literal meaning of shiri ni hi ga tsuku is “one’s buttocks (or ass) is on fire.”
    「尻」は “buttocks”、「火」は “fire”、「つく」は “on” を意味するので、「尻に火がつく」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s buttocks on fire” となります。

    Imagine a situation where a fire is approaching right behind you.

    You have no choice but to run forward, do you?

    This phrase is a metaphor for such a very dangerous situation.

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