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Te wo Yaku (手を焼く – Having Trouble with Something)

  • Te wo Yaku


    Today a graduation ceremony took place at my university.

    In this year, it was hard to take care of my graduating students.

    Like this way, when you have difficulty with something or things are too much to handle, you can say 手を焼く (te wo yaku) to express it.

    手 (te) means “hand” and 焼く (yaku) means “to burn,” so the literal meaning of “te wo yaku” is “to burn one’s hand.”
    「手」は “hand,” 「焼く」は “to burn” を意味するので、「手を焼く」の文字どおりの意味は “to burn one’s hand” となります。

    If you get a burn while doing something, it will become hard to try to touch it again.

    Because of this, “te wo yaku” has come to mean “to have difficulty/trouble with something.”

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