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Pi-nige (ピ逃げ – Registering Attendance and Running Away)

  • Pi-nige


    Recently, the lang term pi-nige (ピ逃げ) has been coined and used among university students.

    Pi (ピ) represents the sound of an IC card being tapped on a card reader, and nige (逃げ) means “to run away.”
    「ピ」はICカードリーダーにICカードをかざす音、「逃げ」は “to run away” を意味します。

    Recent university student IDs have been digitized into IC cards, and many universities confirm attendance at lectures by having students tap their student ID cards on an IC card reader.

    Therefore, pi-nige refers to the act of tapping a student ID card on the card reader to register attendance and then running away from the lecture.

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