Spoonerism: Part 1

  • Spoonerism: Part 1

    スプーナリズム Part 1

    Have you ever heard of “spoonerism?”

    Spoonerism is a type of wordplay or misspoken word in which several sounds are switched between two words in a sentence. This term is named after the Reverend William Archibald Spooner of England, famous for his frequent slips of the tongue.

    For example, “A lack of pies” instead of “A pack of lies” or “bunny phone” instead of “funny bone.”
    英語では、”A pack of lies” に対する “A lack of pies” や、”funny bone” に対する “bunny phone” などがあります。

    There are various spoonerisms in Japanese as well, such as atu wa natsui (あつはなつい – meaning something like “hot is summer”) instead of natsu wa atsui (夏は暑い – meaning “Summer is hot”).

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