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Mono wa Tameshi (物は試し – You Never Know Unless You Try)

  • Mono wa Tameshi


    Unless you actually try something, you never know what the result will be.

    To express this fact, you can use the proverb mono wa tameshi (物は試し).

    Since mono (物) means “thing” and tameshi (試し) means “try,” mono wa tameshi literally means “things are tries.”
    「物」は “thing”、「試し」は “try” を意味するので、「物は試し」は文字どおり “things are tries” を意味します。

    In other words, this proverb says that you should not just think about it, you should try it.

    You can say just something like mono wa tameshi da (物は試しだ – “let’s give it a try”).

    In English, it can be translated as “You never know unless you try” or “Let’s give it a try.”
    英語では、”You never know unless you try” や “Let’s give it a try” などと表現することができます。

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