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Dokagui Kizetsu-bu (ドカ食い気絶部 – Overating Fainting Club)

  • Dokagui Kizetsu-bu


    Sometimes, I am about to become a member of the dangerous dokagui kizetsu-bu (ドカ食い気絶部).

    Since doka (ドカ) is a prefix representing a great degree of something, and gui/kui (食い) means “to eat,” dokagui (ドカ食い) means “to eat excessively” or “to overeat.”
    「ドカ」は何かの程度が大きいことを意味する接頭辞、「食い」は “to eat” を意味するので、「ドカ食い」は “to eat excessively” または “to overeat” という意味になります。

    In addition, kizetsu (気絶) means “fainting,” and bu (部) means “club,” making the literal meaning of dokagui kizetsu-bu “overeating fainting club.”
    また、「気絶」は “fainting”、「部」は “club” を意味するので、「ドカ食い気絶部」の文字どおりの意味は “overeating fainting club” となります。

    When you overeat high-calorie and carbohydrate-based foods such as McDonald’s humbergers, your bloof sugar level rises rapidly, making you sleepy.

    Such people who consume a large amount of carbohydrates and then sleep as if they were fainting are colloquially referred to as members of dokagui kizetsu-bu.

    This is a dangerous and life-threatening club, so please do not join dokagui kizetsu-bu.

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