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Nekura (根暗 – Gloomy Personality): Part 2

  • Nekura: Part 2

    根暗 Part 2

    In the 1980s, as a synonym for nekura (根暗 – meaning “gloomy personality”), the term neaka (根明), which means “cheeful personality,” also became popular.

    However, while nekura continues to be used today, neaka is rarely used.

    There is a slang term similar to nekura, called in-kya (陰キャ), which is short for inki na kyarakutā (陰気なキャラクター – meaning “gloomy character”).

    Its antonym is yō-kya (陽キャ), short for yōki na kyarakutā (陽気なキャラクター meaning “cheeful character”), and yō-kya is more commonly used compared to neaka.

    As you can guess, since nekura and in-kya are insulting expressions, you should be careful when using them toward others.

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