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Mamagoto (ままごと – House)

  • Mamagoto


    Children (especially girl) sometimes play mamagoto (ままごと/飯事).

    Mamagoto is as a kind of plays that players imitate a family life, such as cooking or inviting guest, and you can see this everywhere in Japan (probably everywhere all over the world).

    Mama (まま) is not the English word “mama;” it comes from the children’s word manma/mama (まんま/まま), which means “meal.”
    「まま」は英語の “mama” ではなく、食事を意味する幼児語「まんま」「まま」から来ています。

    In addition, goto/koto (ごと/こと) means “event” or “act.”

    That is to say, the literal meaning of mamagoto is “meal event/cooking act.”

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