Bucchake (ぶっちゃけ – Frankly)

  • Bucchake


    When saying your thoughts simply without disguise, you can use the slang term, bucchake (ぶっちゃけ).

    Bucchake became popular among young people in 2003 and is still used mainly by current young people.

    It is thought that this term comes from uchiakeru (打ち明ける), which means “to confess something.”
    この言葉は、”confess” を意味する「打ち明ける」が変化したものと考えられています。

    Usually, bucchake is used at the beginning of a statement or as a verb.

    For example, you can say bucchake, kaeritai (ぶっちゃけ、帰りたい – “frankly, I wanna go home”), or kare wa fuman wo bucchaketa (彼は不満をぶっちゃけた – “he let out all his complaints”).

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