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Oden (おでん)

  • Oden


    The cold season makes typical Japanese people want to eat oden (おでん).

    Oden is a Japanese dish made by soaking various ingredients such as daikon (Japanese radish), chikuwa (fish paste), konjac, and boiled eggs, in a soup broth stock from konbu (a kind of kelp) and dried bonito for a long time.

    It is considered that o (お) is a polite prefix and den (でん) came from dengaku (田楽), which is a traditional Japanese dish of grilled tofu or konjac with miso.

    In the past, there were many stalls serving oden at night, but today we hardly see them anymore.

    When we want to eat oden, we usually buy it at a convenience store or cook it at home.

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