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Jūyaku Shukkin (重役出勤 – Fashionably Late)

  • Jūyaku Shukkin


    Arriving at work much later than the opening time, or just being late, is commonly referred to as jūyaku shukkin (重役出勤) in Japanese.

    Since jūyaku (重役) means “executive” and shukkin (出勤) means “attendance,” the literal meaning of jūyaku shukkin is “executives attendance.”
    「重役」は “executive”、「出勤」は “attendance” を意味するので、「重役出勤」の文字どおりの意味は “executives attendance” となります。

    This term was coined because executives do not have their working hours closely controlled by someone else, unlike regular employees.

    In actual cases, this term is often used with a sarcastic nuance to someone who is late, such as “It’s amazing that you can be as late as an executive.”

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