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Ateji (当て字 – Phonetic Equivalent) Part 2

  • Ateji Part 2

    当て字 Part 2

    Yesterday, I introduced two meanings of ateji (当て字).

    I would like to show you examples of them.

    [Ateji based only on the readings of kanji]

    ・目茶苦茶(めちゃくちゃ – “unreasonable”) (目 means “eye,” 茶 means “tea,” and 苦 means “bitter.”)

    ・出鱈目(でたらめ – “incoherent”) (出 means “come out,” 鱈 means “Pacific cod,” and 目 means “eye.”)

    ・仏蘭西(フランス – “France”) (仏 means “Buddha,” 蘭 means “orchid,” and 西 means “west.”)

    [Ateji based only on the meanings of kanji]

    ・紅葉(もみじ – “autumn color”) (紅 means “red” and 葉 means “leaf.”)

    ・紫水晶(アメジスト – “amethyst”) (紫 means “purple” and 水晶 means “crystal.”)

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