【No. 0326】
Shōnenba (正念場 – A Crucial Phase)

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    In the meeting of my university several days ago, the word ‘shōnenba‘ (正念場) was used to the university operations next fiscal year.

    ‘Shōnenba’ means a crucial phase or situation.

    Shōnen‘ (正念) is a Buddhist term, meaning to seek the right mind or the truth.

    In addition, ‘ba‘ (場) means “field” or “situation.”
    また、「場」は “field” や “situation” を意味します。

    That is to say, ‘shōnenba’ represents a very important situation that requires the right heart or the truth.


    Senkyo ga shōnenba wo mukaeru‘ (選挙が正念場を迎える – “The election faces a crucial stage”).

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