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Harebutai (晴れ舞台 – Big Moment)

  • Harebutai


    In most cases, everyone will have several harebutai (晴れ舞台) in his/her life.

    Hare (晴れ) usually means “sunny,” but it can also mean “radiant/beaming.”
    「晴れ」は通常 “sunny” を意味しますが、”radiant/beaming” を意味することもあります。

    In addition, butai (舞台) means “stage,” so the literal meaning of harebutai is a “radiant stage.”
    また、「舞台」は “stage” を意味するので、「晴れ舞台」の文字どおりの意味は “radiant stage” となります。

    In other words, it is a very important and radiant moment in one’s life.

    For example, an entrance ceremony, a graduation ceremony, and a wedding ceremony can be described as harebutai.

    Incidentally, the dressed-up and proud appearance in harebutai is called haresugata (晴れ姿 – “radiant appearance”).

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