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Ōzume (大詰め – The Final Stage)

  • Ōzume


    My research is about to reach a stage called ‘ōzume‘ (大詰め).

    ‘Ōzume’ means the final stage or phase of something.

    Ō‘ (大) means “big,” and ‘zume‘ (詰め) means “fill,” “infill,” or “checkmating” in Shōgi (将棋 – “Japanese chess”).
    「大」は “big”、「詰め」は “fill” や “infill”、もしくは将棋などにおける “checkmating” を意味します。

    Originally, this term meant the last stage/chapter in historical Kabuki Kyogen (歌舞伎狂言 – “traditional Japanese dramas performed by male actors”).

    Later, ‘ōzume’ has come to be used not only in Kabuki but also in common situations as a word to mean the final stage/phase of things.

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