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    Today, I used the Japanese phrase, ‘sharakusai‘ (しゃらくさい), which is no longer used very much.

    ‘Sharakusai’ means that someone pushes oneself and is insolent.

    There are several theories about the etymology of this; I will introduce two famous ones among them.

    One theory says that ‘sharakusai’ was made by adding ‘kusai‘ (くさい – “-like”) to ‘share‘ (洒落 – “chic”).
    一つは、”chic” を意味する「洒落」に、「~のようだ」を意味する「くさい」をつけてできたという説です。

    The other theory says that it comes from the fact that unpopular men used a lot of incense called ‘kyara‘ (伽羅).

    In this theory, ‘kusai‘ (くさい) literally means “stink” or “smell bad.”
    この説では、「くさい」は文字通り “stink” や “smell bad” を意味します。

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