Mochihada (餅肌 – Velvety Skin)

  • Mochihada


    My skins have been rough lately.

    Because of this, when I say a person who has ‘mochihada‘ (餅肌), I feel faintly jealous.

    Mochi‘ (餅) means “rice cake” and ‘hada‘ (肌) means “skin,” so the literal meaning of ‘mochihada’ is “rice cake skins” or “skins like a rice cake.”
    「餅」は “rice cake,” 「肌」は “skin” を意味するので、「餅肌」の文字通りの意味は “rice cake skins” や “skins like a rice cake” になります。

    Freshly pounded rice cakes have various properties — fine-grained, smooth, elastic, white and beautiful.

    In other words, ‘mochihada’ is a compliment that is used to a person who has such a beautiful skin.

    Incidentally, in English, it can be expressed as “velvety skin,” which is based on the texture of a velvet.
    英語では「ベルベット」の質感から、”velvety skin” と表現することがあります。

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