Gikkuri Goshi (ぎっくり腰 – Acute Low Back Pain)

  • Gikkuri Goshi


    Two days ago, I hurt my low back suddenly and could not stand for a while.

    When you strain your low back suddenly, the symptom is commonly called ‘gikkuri goshi‘ (ぎっくり腰) in Japanese.

    Gikkuri‘ (ぎっくり) is a term that describes that someone is surprised and upset, and ‘goshi/koshi‘ (腰) means “low back.”
    「ぎっくり」は驚き動揺するさまを表す言葉で、「腰」は “low back” を意味します。

    Interestingly, it seems that this symptom is called “Hexenschuss” in Germany and “Colpo della strega” in Italy, both of which mean “witch’s shot.”
    興味深いことに、ドイツやイタリアではぎっくり腰が魔女の仕業だと考えられており、「魔女の一撃」(独: Hexenschuss, 伊: Colpo della strega) と呼んでいるそうです。

    Incidentally, the official name is ‘kyūsei youtsū shō’ (急性腰痛症 – “acute low back”), but most Japanese people say ‘gikkuri goshi’.

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