Machibouke wo Kuu (待ちぼうけを食う – Chilling Out)

  • Machibouke wo Kuu


    Now I am doing ‘machibouke wo kuu‘ (待ちぼうけを食う).

    Since ‘machi‘ (待ち) means “to wait” and ‘bouke/houke‘ (ぼうけ/ほうけ) means “abstracted,” the combination ‘machibouke‘ (待ちぼうけ) means that a person who you are waiting for eventually does not come or you are sick of waiting for someone.
    「待ち」は “wait”、「ぼうけ」は “abstracted” を意味し、「待ちぼうけ」は「待っている相手がついに来ないこと」や「待ち疲れてぼんやりすること」を意味します。

    In addition, ‘kuu‘ (食う) is a bit violent form of the verb ‘taberu‘ (食べる – “to eat”), but it can also mean to be subjected to an undesirable action from someone.
    また、「食う」は “eat” を意味する動詞「食べる」を少し乱暴にした言葉ですが、「望ましくない行為を身に受ける」ことを意味することもできます。

    That is to say, ‘machibouke wo kuu’ means that “to be subjected to an act of waiting for someone” or “to be stood up by someone.”

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