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Kan Kinou Shougai (肝機能障害 – Hepatic Dysfunction)

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    Kan Kinou Shougai


    Yesterday, I received the result of my medical checkup.

    Sadly, I was diagnosed with ‘kan kinou shougai‘ (肝機能障害).

    Since ‘kan‘ (肝) means “liver,” ‘kinou‘ (機能) means “function,” and ‘shougai‘ (障害) means “disorder” or “impairment,” ‘kan kinou shougai’ means “liver function impairment” or “hepatic dysfunction.”
    「肝」は “liver”、「機能」は “function”、「障害」は “disorder/impairment” を意味するので、「肝機能障害」は “liver function impairment” や “hepatic dysfunction” を意味します。

    I need to take an additional examination of the liver to know the details, but I could be a disease of “fatty liver” or “chronic hepatitis.”

    Today a welcome party will be held, but I have to refrain from drinking alcohol.

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