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Kinakusai (きな臭い – Suspicious)

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    When describing that something is suspicious, you can use the Japanese ‘kinakusai‘ (きな臭い).

    kusai‘ (臭い) means “to smell/stink,” but there are several theories about ‘kina‘ (きな) — they say that it comes from ‘kinu‘ (きぬ – “clothes”), ‘ki‘ (木 – “tree”), etc.
    「臭い」は “to smell” を意味しますが、「きな」は “clothes” を意味する「衣」から来ている説と、”tree” を意味する「木(の)」から来ている説などがあります。

    Originally, ‘kinakusai’ means a distinctive burnt smell that is generated when clothes or trees burn.

    Since such a smell would be generated when bad incidents such as a fire or war would be about to occur, ‘kinakusai’ came to have the meaning of “suspicious.”

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