Suttoko Dokkoi (すっとこどっこい – Idiot)

  • Suttoko Dokkoi


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the term ‘tokoroga dokkoi‘ (ところがどっこい).

    There is another term that uses dokkoi; it is ‘suttoko dokkoi‘ (すっとこどっこい).

    ‘Tokoroga dokkoi’ is a conjunction that means “however,” whereas ‘suttoko dokkoi’ is a noun that means “stupid” or “idiot.”

    There are several theories about its etymology, but the most accepted one is the following:

    Suttoko‘ (すっとこ) means “nude” or “ugly features/appearance,” and ‘dokkoi‘ (どっこい) comes from ‘dokohe’ (どこへ), which means “where.”

    That is to say, ‘suttoko dokkoi’ means that “Where are you going with nothing on (with such an ugly appearance)?”, and later, it came to be an insulting term that means “idiot.”

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