Tokoroga Dokkoi (ところがどっこい – However)

  • Tokoroga Dokkoi


    A few days ago, I used the term ‘tokoroga dokkoi’ (ところがどっこい) (though it is not often used).

    ‘Tokoroga’ (ところが) is a conjunction that is used to say something contrary to general expectations, and it can be translated in English as “however” or “although.”
    「ところが」は期待や予想に反することを述べる際に用いる接続詞で、英語では “however” や “although” に相当します。

    ‘Dokkoi’ (どっこい) is a kind of exclamation that is used when putting your strength, and it is also said as ‘dokkoisho’ (どっこいしょ).

    However, in this case, ‘dokkoi’ is just used to emphasize the previous term, ‘tokoroga’.

    That is to say, if you use ‘tokoroga dokkoi’, it implies that you will say something that listeners never expect/image.

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