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Nekoze (猫背 – Rounded Back)

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    Many Japanese people have nekoze (猫背).

    Nekoze is a posture in which ones back is curved, and the head is protruded. It can be translated into English as “hunched posture” or “rounded/curved back.”
    「猫背」は背中が丸まって、頭部が前方に出た姿勢のことで、英語では “hunched posture” や “rounded/curved back” などと訳されるようです。

    Since neko (猫) means “cat” and ze/se (背) means “back,” the literal meaning of nekoze is “cat back.”
    「猫」は “cat”、「背」は “back” を意味するので、「猫背」の文字どおりの意味は “cat back” となります。

    As you know, cats’ backs are basically rounded.

    That is to say, the Japanese term nekoze was made by comparing humans’ curved backs to cats’ backs.

    Please note that nekoze (for human) could lead to various uncomfortable symptoms such as indigestion, tiredness, and headaches.

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