Manma to Damasareru (まんまと騙される – Being Totally Deceived)

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    Manma to Damasareru


    Yesterday, I was totally deceived. This situation is expressed as ‘manma to damasareta‘ (まんまと騙された) in Japanese.

    Damasareru‘ (騙される – meaning “to be deceived”) is a passive voice of the verb ‘damasu‘ (騙す – meaning “to deceive”).
    「騙される」は「騙す」の受身形で、”to be deceived” を意味します。

    In addition, ‘manma to‘ (まんまと) is an adverb that means “beautifully” or “successfully.”

    Previously, I introduced you to the baby word ‘manma‘ (まんま), meaning “meal,” but its etymology is different from the one of the adverb ‘manma.’

    It is thought that the adverb ‘manma‘ comes from ‘uma uma’ (うまうま), which means “good” or “successful.”

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