Ashi ga Bō ni Naru (足が棒になる – One’s Legs Are Tired)

  • Ashi ga Bō ni Naru


    When you walk or stand for a long time and get so tired that you feel stiffness in your legs, the situation can be expressed as ashi ga bō ni naru (足が棒になる) in Japanese.

    Since ashi (足) means “leg,” (棒) means “stick/log,” and naru (なる) means “to become,” the literal meaning of ashi ga bō ni naru is “one’s legs become logs.”
    「足」は “leg”、「棒」は “stick”、「なる」は “to become” を意味するので、「足が棒になる」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s legs become sticks” となります。

    This phrase came from the fact that when you feel tired in your legs, they become stiff and immobile like logs.

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