Kuchi ga Karui (口が軽い – Having a Big Mouth)

  • Kuchi ga Karui


    People who have a big mouth can be described as kuchi ga karui (口が軽い) in Japanese.

    Since kuchi (口) means “mouth” and karui (軽い) means “light,” the literal meaning of kuchi ga karui is “one’s mouth is light.”
    「口」は “mouth”、「軽い」は “light” を意味するので、「口が軽い」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s mouth is light” です。

    The Chinese character 軽 used here can be found in terms such as karuhazumi (軽はずみ) and keisotsu (軽率), both of which mean “rash” or “thoughtless”.

    Because of this it is thought that kuchi ga karui came to mean “people who speak a lot and thoughtlessly.”

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