Kamoku (寡黙 – Silent)

  • Kamoku


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese word ‘mukuchi‘ (無口) which means to talk little or a person who has few words.

    However, this word is not used in a positive manner when describing someone.

    There is another word ‘kamoku‘ (寡黙), which has a similar meaning to ‘mukuchi’ and is more formal.

    Ka‘ (寡) means “less” or “a person who lost his/her partner,” and ‘moku‘ (黙) means “to silence.”
    「寡」は少ないことや、夫や妻を失った人のことを、「黙」は “” を意味します。

    That is to say, it is thought that ‘kamoku’ implies that a person who falls silent due to the loss of his/her partner.

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