Mukuchi (無口 – Having Few Words)

  • Mukuchi


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese ‘oshaberi‘ (おしゃべり), which means to talk a lot about something.

    On the other hand, if you want to mean to talk little, you can use the word ‘mukuchi‘ (無口).

    Since ‘mu‘ (無) means “nothing” and ‘kuchi‘ (口) means “mouth,” the literal meaning of ‘mukuchi’ is “nothing mouth.”
    「無」は “nothing”、「口」は “mouth” を意味するので、「無口」の文字どおりの意味は “nothing mouth” となります。

    Just like ‘oshabery’ can mean a person who talks a lot, ‘mukuchi’ can also mean a person who talks little.

    However, we often call such a person ‘mukuchi na hito‘ (無口な人), by adding ‘hito‘ (人 – literally meaning “person”)
    しかし、”person” を意味する「人」をつけて、「無口な人」と使うことも多いです。

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