Demakase (でまかせ – Tall Tale)

  • Demakase


    I sometimes see a person who say demakase (でまかせ).

    Demakase means to say something at random, to tell a tall tale, and such words themselves.

    Here, de (で) means “(to bring) out,” and makase (まかせ) means “to rely on someone” or “to let it go.”
    「で」は “out”、「まかせ」は “to rely on someone” や “to let it go” を意味します。

    Because of this, demakse implies words brought out on their own from one’s mouth, and such words will be emotionless and nonsense.

    Incidentally, another Japanese word dema (でま) has the same meaning as demakase, but these etymologies are completely different.

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