Uni (ウニ – Sea Urchin)

  • Uni


    Yesterday, I wrote about the fish ‘harisenbon‘ (ハリセンボン – porcupinefish/blowfish).

    Today, I would like to talk about ‘uni‘ (ウニ), which has many spines as well as porcupinefish.

    ‘Uni’ is known as “sea urchin” in English, and it can be written as 海胆 or 海栗 in kanji.

    海 means “sea,” 胆 means “organ,” and 栗 means “chestnut.”
    「海」は “sea,” 「胆」 “organ,” 栗は “chestnut” を意味します。

    This is because the shucked sea urchin looks like “organ” and the outer shape of sea urchin looks like “chestnut.”

    Incidentally, according to the survey of an aquarium, the number of spines of a purple sea urchin was 2850.

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