Narau yori Narero (習うより慣れよ – Practice Makes Perfect)

  • Narau yori Narero


    In my university, education based on practice has been performed.

    It is also important to learn from people and books, but if you want to acquire practical skills efficiently, you should gain practical experience.

    There is a proverb that says this fact, ‘narau yori nareyo‘ (習うより慣れよ).

    Narau‘ (習う) means “to learn” or “to study,” ‘nareru‘ (慣れる) means “to get used to something,” so the literal meaning of this proverb is “It is better to get used to it than learn it.”
    「習う」は “to learn” や “to study” を、「慣れる」は “to get used to” を意味するので、「習うより慣れよ」は “It is better to get used to it than learn it.” という意味になります。

    The similar fact can be described in English as “Practice makes perfect.”
    英語では “Practice makes perfect” のように表現されます。

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