Mimi ni Tako ga Dekiru (耳にたこができる – Having a Sore Ear)

  • Mimi ni Tako ga Dekiru


    Have you ever been disgusted by a person who talks the same story repeatedly?

    You can describe such a situation by using the Japanese idiom, ‘mimi ni tako ga dekiru’ (耳にたこができる).

    Mimi‘ (耳) means “ear,” ‘tako‘ (たこ) means “callus,” and ‘dekiru‘ (できる) means “to be generated,” so the literal meaning of this idiom is “a callus is generated on one’s ear.”
    「耳」は “ear,” 「たこ」は “callus,” 「できる」は “generate” を意味します。

    A callus is a hardened part on one’s skin by pressure or friction, and it is usually generated on fingers, feet, etc.

    That is to say, ‘mimi ni tako ga dekiru’ implies that one’s ear is under strain as much as a callus is generated on one’s ear.

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