Zen wa Isoge (善は急げ – “Now is the Time for Action”)

  • Zen wa Isoge


    I sometimes remind myself of the Japanese proverb zen wa isoge (善は急げ).

    Since zen (善) means “good/virtue” and isoge (急げ) means “hasten/hurry,” the literal meaning of zen wa isoge is “hasten to do good things.”
    「善」は “good/virtue”、「急げ」は “hasten/hurry” を意味するので、「善は急げ」の文字どおりの意味は “hasten to do good things.” になります。

    In other words, this proverb says that if you think it is a good thing, you should do it immediately without hesitation.

    However, unplanned and imprudent actions can cause a bad result, so you should also have some caution.

    It can be translated into English as “Now is the time for action.”
    英語では “Now is the time for action” のように言うことができます。

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