Onbu ni Dakko (おんぶに抱っこ – Completely Relying on Others)

  • Onbu ni Dakko


    Yesterday, I introduced the term marunage (丸投げ), which means to leave all the work that you have to do to someone else.

    There is another expression similar to marunage — it is onbu ni dakko (おんぶに抱っこ).

    Onbu (おんぶ) means “piggyback,” and dakko (抱っこ) is a children’s word that means “huggy (wuggy).”
    「おんぶ」は “piggyback”、「抱っこ」は “huggy (wuggy)” を意味する幼児語です。

    Imagine that a child solicits you for huggy after you gave the child a piggy-back ride.

    The expression onbu ni dakko means such a situation that someone completely relies on other’s favor.

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