The Definition of Vegetable Part 2

  • In some countries, there are several definitions about the classification of vegetable and fruit like the following.

    野菜の定義 Part 2

    ・It’s a fruit when it has seeds, whereas it’s a vegetable when it has no seeds, but there’re some exceptions.

    ・When processing to a paste, a fruit will become jam, whereas a vegetable will become sauce.
    (According to this definition, if tomato is a fruit, it will become tomato jam instead of tomato sauce.)

    Incidentally, in the past in the US, 10 percents tariffs was applied to vegetables, and fruits were excluded.

    Because of this, a trading merchant tried to import tomatoes as fruit, but in 1893, the US Supreme Court decided that tomato is a vegetable because it don’t dessert.

    Unfortunately, the debate about the classification of vegetable and fruit has continued, and there seems to be no definitive criteria for it yet.

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