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Manaita (まな板 – Cutting Board)

  • Manaita


    The Japanese word “manaita” (まな板) means a board that is used when cutting ingredients, that is a cutting board.

    Here the “mana” (まな) of “manaita” means “fish,” and “ita” (板) means “board.”
    「まな板」の「まな」は “fish,” 「板」は “board” を意味します。

    Therefore, it’s thought that in the past manaita meant a board just for cooking fish.

    Until recently manaita represented a cutting board made of wood, but now it’s usually made by plastic or rubber due to the antibacterial property.

    Incidentally, please be careful not to say “manaita” to a small breasted woman.

    Since manaita is usually flat, it sometimes used as a slang term that implies a woman who has small and flat breasts.

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