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Ahoge (あほ毛 – Stray Hair)

  • Ahoge


    When you set your hair, some short hairs may pop out from the surface of your hair. Such hairs are called ahoge (あほ毛) in Japanese.

    Since aho (あほ) is an abbreviation for ahou (阿呆), which means “fool,” and ge/ke (毛) means “hair,” the literal meaning of ahoge is “fool hair.”
    「あほ」は “fool” を意味する「阿呆」の略語、「毛」は “hair” を意味するので、「あほ毛」の文字どおりの意味は “fool hair” となります。

    The etymology of this word is not very clear, as it is a youth word that has been spread out of nowhere. However, it could be simply due to the fact that such hairs make you look like a fool.

    You can also say ukige (浮き毛) instead of ahoge, by using uki (浮き meaning “floating”).
    “Floating” を意味する「浮き」を使って、「浮き毛」と言うこともあります。

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