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Bake no Kawa ga Hagareru (化けの皮が剥がれる – Showing One’s True Colors)

  • Bake no Kawa ga Hagareru


    When someone’s hidden secret or nature is revealed, the situation can be described as bake no kawa ga hagareru (化けの皮が剥がれる).

    Since bake (化け) means “disguise,” kawa (皮) means “skin,” and hagareru (剥がれる) means “to be peeled off,” the literal meaning of this idiom is “one’s skin of the disguise is peeled off.”
    「化け」は “disguise”、「皮」は “skin”、「剥がれる」は “to be peeled off” を意味するので、「化けの皮が剥がれる」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s skin of the disguise is peeled off” となります。

    In this idiom, bake no kawa metaphorically represents a false appearance to hide one’s true nature.

    Note that this idiom is typically used in a negative context.

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