Pochi (ポチ)

  • Pochi


    Dogs are the animal with the oldest history as pets, and many dogs are bred all over the world including Japan.

    The most common name for dogs in Japan is ‘pochi‘ (ポチ).

    There are a variety of etymology about the name — they say that it comes from the French “petit” (meaning “small”), the English “spotty,” “Pooch,” the Czech “Pojd'” (meaning “come”), or the Japanese ‘koreppocchi‘ (これっぽっち – meaning “something small”).
    語源はさまざまあり、フランス語で「小さい」を意味する “petit” (プチ) や、英語で「ぶち犬」を意味する “spotty” (スポッティ) や “Pooch” (プーチ), チェコ語で「来い」を意味する “Pojd'” (ポチュ), 日本語で「小さなもの」を意味する「これっぽっち」から来ている説などがあります。

    The most common synonym of dogs in Japan is ‘wan-chan‘ (ワンちゃん), which was made by combining the dog’s bark ‘wan‘ (ワン) and the suffix ‘chan‘ (ちゃん), but pochi is also common as a synonym of dogs.

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