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  • Today I would like to talk about the Japanese term “funuke”.


    “Funuke” means people who has no backbone, no energy, or no guts.

    Usage example: He fell out of love and became funuke since last week.

    The literal meaning “fu” of “funuke” is “bowels”, and it has also come to mean “courage” or “heart”.

    (I think this is similar that “guts” can express “courage” in English.)

    Also, “nuke” of “funuke” means “to drop out”.
    (英語で “guts” が勇気などを表すことと似ていると思います。)

    Therefore, “funuke” came to mean people who drop out their courage or hearts, and express the above meanings.
    また、「抜け」は “to drop out” を意味します。

    By the way, according to my dictionary, an English word which means “funuke” is “coward” or “fool”.

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