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Dogimo wo Nuku (度肝を抜く – Surprising the Hell out of Someone )

  • Dogimo wo Nuku


    Have you ever surprised the hell out of someone?

    This action is sometimes called “dogimo wo nuku” (度肝を抜く) in Japanese.

    The “kimo/gimo” (肝) originally means “liver,” but it can also mean “heart” or “soul.”

    Also, the “do” (度) is a prefix for emphasising the following word, and the “nuku” (抜く) means “to pull something out.”
    また、「度」は強調の接頭語、「抜く」は “to pull something out” を意味します。

    Therefore, the literal meaning of “dogimo wo nuku” is “to pull someone’s heart out,” and it implies that you surprise someone enough to pull the heart out.
    このため、「度肝を抜く」を文字どおりに訳すと “to pull someone’s heart out” となり、これは心を引き抜くほど誰かを驚かせることを表しています。

    If you want to mean just “to surprise someone” in Japanese, you can say “odorokasru” (驚かせる).
    もし単純に “to surprise someone” を意味したいのであれば、「驚かせる」と言います。

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