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Ookina Osewa (大きなお世話 – None of Your Business)

  • Ookina Osewa


    There is a Japanese term, “ookina osewa” (大きなお世話).

    Here the “ookina” (大きな) means “big,” and the “osewa” (お世話) means “care” or “favor.”
    「大きな」は “big,” 「お世話」は “care” や “favor” を意味します。

    You might think that the combination “ookina osewa” has some kind of good meanings.

    However, it means “unnecessary care” or “unwelcome favor,” and is used when you want to refuse someone’s favor/act.

    In addition, since this term is usually used containing an ironic meaning, please be careful when you use it.

    If you want to say it in English, you can say “None of your business” or “Leave me alone.”
    英語では “None of your business” や “Leave me alone” のように訳されます。

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