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Dasai (ダサい – Uncool)

  • There is the Japanese adjective word (slang expression), “dasai” (ダサい), which means “uncool” or “countrified.”


    This word has been used among young people in the Kanto region since the 1970s, but the exact etymology hasn’t been clarified.

    One of the most accepted theories about the etymology is that it comes from “inaka” (田舎), which means “countryside.”

    The theory says that the kanji of the noun “inaka” (田舎) can be read as “dasha” by the Chinese reading, and it changed to an adjective by adding “i” (い).

    Another theory says that it comes from “datte saitama dakara” (だって埼玉だから – Because it’s Saitama), which is a phrase for ridiculing Saitana citizens by Tokyo citizens.

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