Ryū Ryū Shinku (粒粒辛苦 – Toil and Moil)

  • Ryū Ryū Shinku


    The four-character idiom ryū ryū shinku (粒粒辛苦) is sometimes used to describe the accumulation of small efforts.

    Ryū (粒) means a single grain of rice, shin (辛) means “hardship,” and ku (苦) means “suffering.” Therefore, the literal meaning of ryū ryū shinku is “each and every grain represents hardship and suffering.”
    「粒」は米の一粒のこと、「辛」は “hardship”、「苦」は “suffering” を意味するため、「粒粒辛苦」の文字どおりの意味は “each and every grain represents hardship and suffering” となります。

    In other words, it implies that each grain is the fruit of the farmers’s labor and hardship.

    This idiom originated from a poem written by the Chinese poet Li Shen.

    In his poem, it is said that no one knows that each grain of rice is made of farmers’ hardship and suffering.

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