Neguse (寝癖 – Bed Hair)

  • Neguse


    Somehow I often have a neguse (寝癖).

    Since ne (寝) means “sleep” and kuse (癖) usually means “habit,” the literal meaning of neguse is “sleeping habit.”
    「寝」は “sleep”、「癖」は “habit” を意味するので、「寝癖」の文字どおりの意味は “sleeping habit” になります。

    Here, kuse is also used for hair, and in which case, it means “bent hair.”

    If you say kuse no aru kami (癖のある髪 – “hair having kuse “), it means “wavy hair.”
    「癖のある髪」と言うと、”wavy hair” のような意味になります。

    Commonly, the term neguse also implies one’s hair (after sleeping) — it can be translated into English as “bed hair.”
    実は「寝癖」という言葉も髪の毛のことを意味しており、英語では “bed hair” と訳すことができます。

    Sometimes my hair looks like it exploded when I wake up.

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