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Roten Buro (露天風呂 – Outdoor Hot Spring Bath)

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    Roten Buro


    I like to take a bath in a roten buro (露天風呂).

    Since roten (露天) means “open-air” and buro/furo (風呂) means “bath,” roten buro literally means “open-air bath.”
    「露天」は「屋根のないところ」、「風呂」は “bath” を意味するので、「露天風呂」は文字どおり “open-air bath” という意味になります。

    Here, note that “open-air bath” in Japan usually refers to “outdoor hot spring bath.”

    It is very pleasant to take an outdoor hot spring bath in nature while looking at beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, I have not been able to take a hot spring bath in over two years due to COVID-19.

    Incidentally, roten can also be written as 露店, which means “street stall.”

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