Shunjun (逡巡 – Flinching)

  • Shunjun


    To flinch or hesitate can be described as shunjun (逡巡) in Japanese.

    Shince shun (逡) means “to step back” or “to hesitate” and jun (巡) means “to move around,” the literal meaning of shunjun is “to move around while feeling hesitant.”

    In other words, shunhun means to be shy away from something.

    Usually, this term is used like shunjun-suru (逡巡する) by adding suru (する), which means “do.”
    多くの場合、”do” を意味する「する」をつけて「逡巡する」のように使います。

    Incidentally, 逡巡 can also be used as a unit of number that represents 10 to the power of -14, though this unit is rarely used.

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